Consulate General of China Believes Investment of China in India will Grow

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Webdesk, TNI Kolkata 28th April, 2018: MCCI organized an Interactive Session with Mr. Ma Zhanwu, Consul General of People’s Republic of China in Kolkata on the theme “Doing Business with China” at the Chamber this week. Mr. Ma Zhanwu said that Chinese investments in India grew 700% in 2016 which dropped to a growth rate of 20% in 2017 due to high base effect and the standoff between the two countries on Doklam issue. Mr. Zhanwu believes that Chinese investments in India will show sharp growth in 2019. The huge trade deficit between China and India can be tackled if more Chinese companies decide to manufacture in India. In any case, Mr. Zhanwu believes that the trade deficit will not last long. Mr. Zhanwu advised entrepreneurs to visit ‘expos’ in China and seek local partners. He laid emphasis on respect and mutual benefit in the relationship. It would be helpful if we look at China in a positive way and not as a threat. The two countries together house 35 p.c. of the world’s population and if they cooperate, they can make a big difference for the world. Wars, global warming, and trade wars need to be addressed. Among other issues, Mr. Zhanwu said that the complete works of Tagore were published in Chinese a year ago.

Mr. Zhanwu showed a presentation on the China International Import Expo which will demonstrate China’s commitment to globalization, balanced trade and allow developing nations to participate in the global economy. The expo will be held from 5 November to 10 November 2018 in Shanghai.  Mr. Zhanwu said that Chinese Consulates will hold the China University Expo on 10th and 11th May 2018 at Bengaluru. Over 60 Chinese Universities will attend the expo. He added that higher education in China is cost effective.  Mr. Zhanwu observed that Ms. Mamata Banerjee, Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal and Mr. Yogi Adityanath, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh will shortly visit China. Such visits have worked in the past. Hon’ble PM, Mr. Modi had visited China many times as Chief Minister of Gujarat and many Chinese companies operating in Gujarat.  Earlier Mr. Ramesh Agarwal, President, MCCI in his welcome address said that India – China relations are characterized by high-level ministerial interaction. Yesterday, Mrs. Sitharaman, our Defence Minister and Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, Indian Foreign Minister was in China to attend meetings related to Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). Our Hon’ble Prime Minister will visit China from 27th April 2018. Ms. Mamata Banerjee, our Hon’ble Chief Minister will also visit China soon.

Photos: MCCI, Kolkata

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