Royal Bengal Tigers Spotted Again in Buxa Jungle

Subho Dutta (TNI)

Webdesk, TNI Buxa, 31st December, 2023: In a thrilling turn of events, another sighting of a Royal Bengal Tiger has been captured in the dense wilderness of the Buxa Jungle. The image was captured on the last day of the year by a camera set up by the Forest Department. The photograph, taken at 10 a.m. on a Sunday, reveals the majestic creature prowling through the Buxa Jungle bathed in the morning light.

Just three days earlier, another image was recorded during the night, showing the tiger in the same jungle. Along with the pictures, the tiger’s paw prints, known as ‘pugmarks,’ were also discovered in the sandy banks of the adjacent River within the jungle. The consecutive sightings of photographs and pugmarks have intensified the mystery surrounding the presence of Royal Bengal Tigers in the Buxa Forest.

It has been reported that on December 28, Thursday night, an image of a tiger roaming in the Buxa Jungle was captured. According to sources from the Forest Department, the tiger is estimated to be between three to four years old. However, the authorities have confirmed that this tiger has migrated from the jungles of Bhutan. Forest officials have taken steps to ensure the safety of these tigers in the Buxa Forest.

According to official sources, the Buxa Tiger Reserve has become an ideal habitat for Bengal Tigers. Male tigers, in search of mates, can migrate from Bhutan’s forests to the Buxa region. If a tigress is present in Buxa, the male tiger can establish its territory there. This movement of tigers between Bhutan and Buxa has been observed for various reasons, and the Forest Department is actively working to track their movements and ensure their safety.

The last sighting of a tiger in Buxa was reported in 1998, and after a hiatus of 23 years, the Royal Bengal Tiger made a comeback with a photograph captured on December 11, 2021. Within two years, there have been two instances of tiger sightings in different locations, bringing joy and excitement to the Forest Department officials. However, the exact location of these sightings has not been disclosed to protect the safety and conservation efforts for these majestic creatures.

Photo: Department of Forest, GOWB

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