No Work Elsewhere: Workers Returns to File Complaint Against TG Manager

Subho Dutta (TNI)

Webdesk, TNI Banarhat, 27th December, 2023: Workers filed a written complaint at the police station against the manager of a tea garden in Banarhat, Jalpaiguri district, where dissatisfaction over working hours led to the closure of the garden on December 1. Despite the passage of 28 days, the garden remained closed, prompting several workers to march to the Banarhat police station on Thursday to submit a memorandum demanding the reopening of the garden.

The workers alleged that they were not adhering to the directive of the tea estate authorities to work for eight hours. Discontent arose when the workers refused to work beyond six hours, even though there were no outstanding tasks in the garden. Despite multiple meetings regarding the reopening of the garden, no resolution was reached.

According to the workers, the closure of the garden has led to a temporary halt in employment for neighboring tea gardens, as they are not being hired for temporary work there either. Allegations were made against the manager of the tea garden, Ananda Basu, claiming that he had discouraged the workers from finding employment elsewhere.

In their written complaint, the workers expressed their frustration, stating that if a satisfactory solution to their problems is not reached within the next seven days, they will resort to a larger protest. The Banarhat police station confirmed receiving a written complaint from the workers and initiated an investigation into the matter.

Photo: Subho Dutta (TNI)

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