Urban Blackberrys Launches ‘Why Plan’ Brand in Kolkata

TNI News Service

Webdesk, TNI Kolkata 28th April, 2018: Urban Blackberrys, the leading youth denim wear brand in India, unveiled the new brand identity with new brand ideology “Why Plan” at its standalone store in Kolkata recently. The new brand ideology was unveiled by the leading actor and reality show fame, Prince Narula. The brand ideology ‘Why Plan’ signifies the spirit of a wanderer. The wanderer has a soul that is curious, a style that is hipster and attitude that is confident and expressive. ‘Why Plan’ is rooted in the philosophy that life is full of possibilities and one should discover and experience new things. One should not just live but experience life.

With a presence in over 350 cities in India, Blackberrys operates in more than 230 exclusive brand outlets and 800-plus multi-brand outlets. Highlighting the brand’s the all-new Spring Summer’18 collection, Mr. Prince Narula, addressed the crowd donning the new line & shared his thoughts on the brand’s new identity ‘Why Plan’. Commenting on the launch Mr. Ramesh Kaushik, VP – Brand Experience, Blackberrys said “Our new brand ideology reflects the personality of an urban wanderer. Why plan a life when we don’t know what is in store in future”.  Mr. Prince Narula, leading actor said “Urban Blackberrys personifies an audacious and free-spirited man who is youthful, curious and ready to explore new things. I am excited to be part of this journey as I have always believed in my instincts, in myself. The wanderer in me never allowed me to plan my life”.

Photos: Virtual C (Kolkata)

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