At Least 9 People Charred to Death in a Burning Bus at Bihar’s Nalanda [VIDEO]

TNI News Service

Webdesk, TNI Nalanda 25th May, 2017: At least 8-9 person was charred to death in a bus after the vehicle suddenly busted into flames at Nalanda yesterday. The exact location of the tragic incident is at Vishwakarma Chowk situated under Harnaut Police station of Nalanda district. However, the death toll may rise according to the local sources. From other sources, it is learned that at least 60 people were on board during the fire. The locals helped them to break open the windows and brought them out of the burning vehicle. The bodies are yet to be identified. Preliminary investigation suggests that the engine of the bus might have exploded and the oil spilled throughout the bus cause the major damage. The passengers got no time to escape while the fire spread.

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