70 year old Lady Crept Away to Life from Death Clutches of a Tusker at Nagrakata

By Supriyo Basak (TNI Dhupguri) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Nagrakata, 1st January, 2018: 70-year-old Smt. Basana Nath escaped death by creeping away from the dangerous attack of a lone tusker. The incident happened at No. 4 Staff Line quarters of Red Bank tea estate. It is believed that the tusker attacked the old lady’s house after attacking a local grocery shop. During the attack, the lady was sleeping. She woke up after hearing a thud just above her. To her surprise, she saw that the wall has collapsed on her and the tusker is eating away their rice kept in her kitchen. She just crept away from the spot without getting noticed by the tusker. It is also known that the tusker attacked the factory and got its boundary broken.

Photo: Supriyo Basak (TNI)

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