The Dashing New DSK Benelli Tornado 302R Bike is Now in Siliguri to Shake the Festive Season [VIDEO]


After long wait Dsk Benelli finally has launched their quarter litre segment bike Tornado 302R in Siliguri at Dsk Benelli -Mohan Motors. It has liquid cooled DOHC 300cc BS4 inline twin engine.  In this bike there are many changes. If we review the color and design, there are no elements in the entire design that looks out of place. Just like Yamaha R3 this bike also offer most flexible seating option for street riding, track racing even highway cursing. The length of the 302R is up by 20 mm now, if we compare to the earlier Benelli TNT 300. The weight is down by 50mm and overall height is down by 5 mm because this one seats little lower for then the street fighter. for advantage of having longer wheelbase is better high speed stability. Talking about the ground clearance the TNT 300 gets a ground clearance of 160mm were as the 302 R gets a 150mm. in 302 R center of gravity has-been lower than the TNT 300 because the bike make more corner friendly.  In this bike the layout is also different. The tank capacity has cut also cut down for 302 R with only 14 litres for INAN effort for shake.  On the otherhand, 302R has a change in the rear Mono-Shock absorber. In comparison to that the TNT300 is having the offset rear Mono-Shock absorber. The Mono Shock absorber is more centrally pleased with mass centralization concept for 302R. The seat layout is different for both the bikes.  The TNT300 is having a single seat whereas 302 R gets the split seat lay out.  The brakes remain same but 302R gets the much needed dual channel ABS standard, while the TNT doesn’t have ABS. Two addition features of the 302R is that it is having an automatic headlamp along with hazard lights, 6 speed gear transmission.  Overall, the 302R really looks dashing from all sides. This is the great machine in the quarter liter segment.

BHP OR HP – 38.26 AT 11500 RPM.
TORQUE – 26.5 NM AT 10000 RPM.
Bike Weight – 198 kg
Wheel base – 1410mm to make rider stable ride on the highway.
Price – 3.48 lac x showroom. Booking is open 30000rs. Waiting periode 20 days
Color – 

  • White Red and Black
  • Silver and Green
  • Black and Green

Showrooms in North Bengal

Burdwan Road , Opp- Rishi Bhavan, Ward No.-04, Siliguri, Siliguri, West Bengal 734001

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