Homeguard Dies at Coochbehar Police Super’s Office [VIDEO]

By Manoj Hoque Sarkar (TNI Coochbehar) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Coochbehar, 12th September, 2017: A home guard died at the office of the District Police Superintendent. From the police source, it is learned that the home guard Mr. Tarun Chanda was in his duty at DIB office yesterday night. However, in the morning the policemen discovered his hanging body in the office. The information was given to Kotwali Police Station and the body was taken for post mortem. It is further learned that due to some family problem Mr. Chanda was depressed for quite some time. He left a suicide note before hanging himself where he had made his wife as the reason for his death.

Photo & Video: Manoj Hoque Sarkar (TNI)

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