Water Pouch Machines for Uttar Dinajpur District to Counter Water Borne Diseases after Flood

By Dipankar Dey (TNI Islampur) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Islampur, 20th August, 2017: The Department of PHE, GOWB is now manufacturing arsenic free water pouch for safe drinking water targeting the flood affected districts of the state. Two pouch manufacturing machines are being brought at Islampur and Raiganj from Malda.

These machines can produce 8000 pouches from 2000 liters of water in one hour. Presently the pouches are supplied in Chopra, Islampur, Goalpokhor, Chakulia, Karandighi, and even in Dalkhola Municipality. On the other hand, the pouches made at Raiganj are supplied at Kaliaganj, Hemtabad, Raiganj, Itahar etc. Water technician Mr. Rajib Das told TNI that the pouches will be distributed when the rain stops or the water subsides at the affected areas. It is during these situations people require arsenic free water. So these water pouches are being made for this purpose.

Photos: Dipankar Dey (TNI)

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