City Auto Association Threatens for Worse if Inaction Continues Against E-Rickshaws at Siliguri

By Subham Ghosh (TNI)  |  TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Siliguri 25th July, 2017: Today a press conference was organized by the Siliguri City Auto Parichalak Welfare Society (SCAPWS) at the Siliguri Journalist Club. In the conference, the Secretary of the organization Mr. Nirmal Sarkar alleged that the E-Rickshaws, that are rising in numbers in Siliguri city has been given open permission to break all the rules of traffic. He also further said that the E-Rickshaws are plying in those routes that are not permitted for their plying by the traffic rules. This is creating traffic problem in the city. However, the administration has kept their hands tight for taking any action against the E-Rickshaws.

Complaint Submitted to the Tourism Minister by SCAPWS
Complaint Submitted to the Tourism Minister by SCAPWS

Mr. Sarkar also further said that the E-Rickshaws don’t have any license and hence they are not giving any taxes to the Government. On the other hand, the 1200 City Autos of Siliguri are regularly paying taxes. If the administration doesn’t take any action for the illegal activities of the E-Rickshaws then the taxes of City Autos should also be waived by the Government. There might by an untoward incident happening if the situation continues in the same way.


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