‘Central Government is Even Against District Level Lockdown’ – N. Sitharaman

Pranab Das (TNI Siliguri) TNI News Service (TNS)

Webdesk, TNI Siliguri, 14th April, 2021: The Honorable Minister of Finance, Government of India Smt Nirmala Sitharaman today met with the Retailers and Traders at the Program at Montana Vista, Uttorayon. She heard the problems associated with the traders and retailers of Siliguri. The other important personalities who attended the program was the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Mr. Tarkishore Prasad and the BJP Candidate from Siliguri Assembly Constituency Dr. Shankar Ghosh. The Finance Minister Smt. Sitharaman was asked about the steps taken to open the closed Tea Gardens. She informed that – she has visited the tea gardens after 2014 at least twice when she was the Commerce Minister. However, the central government has made enough efforts to keep the Tea gardens open but it was due to the non cooperation of the state government the problem deteriorated further. She also reiterated that if the State Government had did what was required but those Tea gardens still remains closed. She also said “The State governments are advised to create localized containment zones. Central Government is against even the District Level Lockdowns also”. In connection with GST simplification, she said that a continuous process of amendment is going on from time to time. Apart from that local problem are addressed by the Local Commissioners. Even the State Governments are cooperating for the simplification the GST.

Photo: Newsphoto by S. Mallick

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