Major Nisheet Dogra Buried Under 6ft Snow at Sikkim, Dies at Bengdubi

TNI News Service (TNS)

Webdesk, TNI Sikkim, 10th February, 2019: In a shocking incident, an Indian Army Major Nisheet Dogra 7 light Cavalry lost his life in a snow blizzard in North Sikkim on Yesterday. The Major was on his way to North Sikkim for the deployment of a tank regiment. He was Commanding the independent tank squadron, Since the exact situation is unknown, the security forces said they started looking for the major who had gone missing soon after the blizzard started. At around 10 pm he was found under snow debris of 6 feet. Army sources said that he was alive during that time. He was immediately brought to Bengdubi Army Hospital. However, in the mid night the major died. Major Nisheet Dogra was from Noida. The dip in temperature in the Himalayas area cites of worry, with several places are immovable and out of communications.

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