Traffic Checking at Gurudwara Following the Demand of the Local Residents

By Anurag Roy (TNI Siliguri) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Siliguri 28th March, 2018: A sudden traffic checking held today evening in front of the Gurudwara near Bakshi petrol Pump at Siliguri’s Sevok Road. The riders were thoroughly checked with police officials doing their duty with utmost responsibility. Till now, it was nothing special because traffic checking is a routine phenomenon for the traffic police. However, it becomes interesting when it is being demanded by the locals. Here, in this case, this has happened. The local residents nearby the concerned, area were demanding the traffic checking in the area with an intention to reduce rash driving and traffic jams in the area.  The local residents further expressed that they are happy now with this type of traffic checking done by the police officials after they placed the dement. Traffic inspector Mr. Swapan Roy informed TNI that the traffic checking, particularly in this area is a must to avoid traffic jam and it will be continued in the near future as well.

Photo: By Anurag Roy (TNI)

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