Matriyan Called but Vehicle Never Reached the Lady with Labor Pain at Mainaguri

By Somnath Chakraborty (TNI Mainaguri) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Mainaguri 28th March, 2018: The ‘Matriyan’ vehicle for carrying the pregnant women was called but it didn’t come hence a pregnant lady with labor pains had to take an E – Rickshaw was called by her to get her to the hospital. She was in acute labor pain. According to the incident, the concerned lady Mamoni Mandal of South Khagrabari was with intense labor pain. The local ASHA workers advised her to immediately go to the hospital. However, Mamoni’s husband Shambhu Mandal was not present during that time. She took a toto and went towards the hospital. The locals alleged that phone calls were made to get the ‘Matriyan’ but the vehicle didn’t arrive. Since, she was in a very advanced situation the baby got delivered in the toto itself. However, the hospital took special care of the mother and the baby. The family members expressed anger as to why the vehicle didn’t reach their home. The BMOH of Mainaguri Dr. Lucky Dewan had assured to investigate in the incident.

Photo: Somnath Chakraborty (TNI)

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