Blue Whale Panic Engulfs Sleepy Town Kaliyaganj [VIDEO]

By Suvra Sankar Nag (TNI Kaliyaganj) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Kaliyaganj, 03rd September, 2017: Presently, the Blue Whale has engrossed the entire world right now including our state i.e. West Bengal. The sleepy town Kaliyaganj is also of no exception. A girl student of a well-known school of Kaliyaganj got her hands cut in the classroom resulting in tension in the common room of the teachers.

The school authorities immediately had done the fast aid and guardians of the girl and her friends were called in the school. They were advised to take care on the girl about her mental state. No further information was shared by the Head Mistress without denying the panic of Blue Whale game. On the other hand, Kaliyaganj Municipality has also started campaigning for creating awareness about the ill effects of Blue Whale games. Overall, it can be said that panic has mounted over Kaliyaganj over Blue Whale game.

Photos & Video: Suvra Sankar Nag (TNI)

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