Two More Arrested by Dhuguri Police Related to Cow Thieves Accused Murder Case

By Supriyo Basak (TNI Dhupguri) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Dhupguri, 01st September, 2017: Two more people were arrested on charges of killing two cow thieves (Accused) in Dhupguri. Both the men were arrested from Jateshwar area of Falakata by a huge contingent of Police force led by the Dhupguri IC Mr. Sanjay Dutta.

The arrested duo is known to be Tapan Sarkar and Montu Sarkar. Eight more people were arrested earlier associated with this murder. However, 5 of them were freed later. A high-level inquiry has started by the police yet they didn’t want to divulge anything related to the case.

Photos: Supriyo Basak (TNI)

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