Flood Relief for Stranded Long Distance Truck Drivers on NH 31 at Islampur

By Dipankar Dey (TNI Islampur) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Islampur, 22nd August, 2017: In the rush of arranging and delivering flood relief materials to the flood victims, today a different picture was seen at Islampur. It was flood relief, but of a different kind. This time the flood relief was for those whom the other activists looked over. The flood relief was for those truck drivers, who stayed stranded on the NH 31 for days because they were stuck in the flood.

Nowhere to go and no place for their shelter but only the truck for them, that was their place. The Progressive Chemist & Druggist Association (PCDA) and Upasham of Islampur jointly arranged for dry foods, drinking water and other relief materials for the drivers and the helpers in the stranded trucks. The truck queue was extended to over 20 kms on the NH 31. The policemen were also given help by providing them Glucose, ORS and drinking water. The secretary of Upasham Mr. Subhendu Majumdar told TNI that the Press Club of Islampur and Islampur Police station has requested them to carry out such activities. Not only the truck drivers and the helpers, the members of the team also helped those families, who took shelter on the NH 31.

Photos: Dipankar Dey (TNI)

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