Sloppy Condition of Alipurduar Primary School Education Administration Situation

By Arunangshu Maitra (TNI Falakata) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Alipurduar 9th August, 2017: The condition of Alipurduar District Primary Education’s condition is now in a guardian-less condition the last one year.  From 2nd August 2016, there is no full-time chairperson of Alipurduar District Primary School Council. The work is going on temporarily by the District Primary School Inspector. He is now replaced by the District Madhyamik School Inspector in the position of Alipurduar District Primary School Inspector because of an illness to the original District Primary School Inspector. Now he is looking after all three positions i.e. Primary School Council Chairman, District Madhyamik School Inspection, and District Primary School Inspection. As a result of which no work is going on time and with perfection. The most affected works are the rightly carrying out PF account maintenance, medical benefits, leave Providence, service book maintenance, promotions, new recruitments, etc. On the other hand, the education is also affected on the basis of providing of books in right time to the students, mid day meal maintenance etc. Sources said that due to certain factional political problems the chairman selection is being on hold. However, the affected are the students, teachers, and the teaching staffs. Overall, it’s now a sloppy situation in the district educational administration.

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