CCTV Captures Footage of B.Ed. Entrance Candidate Stealing Purse of an Invigilator at Assam [VIDEO]

TNI News Service

Webdesk, TNI Howly 9th August, 2017: A B.Ed. Entrance test candidate was caught stealing purses in CCTV footage mounted in the corridors of the college and walked past the college corridors coolly by talking on the mobile phone. The incident happened on 6th August 2017 at a College situated in Howly under Assam’s Barpeta District. This year GU B.Ed Entrance Test was scheduled on 6th August 2017 i.e. on Sunday. The concerned College of Howly was also one of the test centers. The incident came to light when an invigilator of the entrance test kept her bag containing her purse in the corridors of the college during the exam along with the candidates. When the invigilator came out after the end of the test, she found that her purse was missing from her bag. Incidentally, she saw the CCTV in the corridor. The college authorities checked the CCTV footage and found that a candidate from the same room where the invigilator was invigilating stole the purse. The entire episode was uploaded in the social media and has become viral throughout Assam. However, TNI could not check the authenticity of the video.

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