Farmer’s Club Demonstrated Automated Paddy Sowing Machine to the Kuchlibari and Uchchalpukuri Farmers [VIDEO]

By Swapan Roy Bir (TNI Mekhliganj) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Mekhliganj, 26th July 2017: This time Mekhliganj’s Uchchalpukuri and Kuchlibari farmers saw the planting of Aman Paddy saplings in the field by an automated technology. However, the technology was tested in a demonstration mode. The farmers were shown the planting of Aman Paddy in the field by diesel run an automated machine. The entire initiative of this demonstration was organized by Kuchlibari Farmers Club and Uchchalpukuri Farmer’s Club. Till today the process is being carried out through manual mode by the farmers. The demonstrators said that at least 5-7 Bighas of Land can be sowed with the help of this machine.

Photo & Video: Swapan Roy Bir (TNI)

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