The Main Road at Kumarganj Is in Ruined Condition During this Rainy Season

By Dipankar Mitra (TNI Balurghat) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Kumarganj, 24th July, 2017: In the beginning of the rainy season the road extending from Kumarganj Bus Stand to Sitahar is completely ruined. Locals and the travelers of the road are in a hold-up condition while passing over the road. On the other hand, the local MLA has given assurance to repairing the road. The long pending repairing works has led to complete removal of the hard cover of the road.

Thus now the rain water made it a mess with muddy water and mud everywhere. At least 12 villages are located adjacent to the road. Those are totally dependent on this road for communication. Apart from these, there are primary schools, high schools are located near it. In this regard, when the MLA Mr. Toraf Hussain Mandal was contacted by TNI, he said that the work of the road will soon start.

Photos: Dipankar Mitra (TNI)

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