West Bengal Board of Computer Education Opens a new Center at Muraliganj

By Avijit Das (TNI Siliguri) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Siliguri, 15th July, 2017: West Bengal Board of Computer Education (WBBCE) is engaged in providing vocational training related to computers, Accounting, and Entrepreneurship Development. WBBCE have a strong presence in the class cities as well as in the rural and remotest corners. The organization is presently growing faster even in the big cities of t West Bengal and its backward regions. WBBCE is an effective gateway to set up an institute for students to provide training & skill development for all entrepreneurs. On last Wednesday i.e. 5th July 2017, WBBCE helped to open a new Center at Muraliganj, near Murali Ganj High School in the Darjeeling district. The center is inaugurated by the support and leadership of Mr. Jayanta Das and Md. Ekhlak Hussain. Honorable guests of this inauguration ceremony were Mr. Mehboob Alam (Social Worker), Mr. Krishna Gopal Chakraborty (Director, WBBCE), Mr. Barun Singha (Secretary, WBBCE), Mr. Pabitra Barman (GM, WBBCE), Mrs. Ranu Paul (Member of Phansideoa Panchayet Samity), Mr. Suren Ch. Das (President of Muraliganj Highschool Management Committee), Mr. Keshta Lal Singha (BDN GP1 Member), Mr. Phani Das (Teacher and Social Worker), Mr. Moktar Alam (Member of Muraliganj Highschool Management Committee), Mr. Zahidur Rahman (Social Worker) and Mrs. Manika Hasda (BDN GP1 Member). This center is opened with a vision to help the students in Muraliganj area to explore their knowledge in the field of computer and help them achieve brighter future.

Photo: Avijit Das (TNI)

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