Shoulmari Village Observes Gram Pujan (Village Worship) Every Year [VIDEO]

Arunangshu Maitra

A unique Gram Pujan was organized today at Shoulmari Village under Mathabhanga No. 2 Block. This ritual is of the Adivasi culture. Basically, in this puja Lord Shiva and Parvati are worshiped. The puja is performed to keep all the villagers healthy and happy as well as to keep the fields filled with crops throughout the year. Women generally, bring in water from the nearby streams by maintaining all the ritualistic features in Urn (Kolshi). After bringing the water from the stream the deity i.e. Shiv and Parvati is bathed by the water. After that, the main puja is being performed. After the puja, the Prasad is being distributed to the people. The puja continues throughout the day. According to the villagers, the Gram Pujan (Village Worship) is being performed by their ancestors for many centuries for the betterment of the villages.

Translated by: R. Subrata (TNI)
Photo & Video: Arunangshu Maitra (TNI)

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