Barasat’s Deepsubhra Guha Roy Creates History for MAKAUT by his Invention

Vaskar Chakraborty

Today human have various kind of gadgets in his hand and that indicates that the technology is heading towards more accomplishment. The common man is now gradually becoming tech savvy and digital. However, the question arises where are the Indian companies in this juncture? Today everywhere, the sounds of digital India is banging and in this time there is a ray of light from the earthen lamp called Deepsubhra Guha Roy, a scholar and researcher from Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT) and a resident of Barasat. This young scientist has named his newly developed application as “Smart Gateway Algorithm and Device”. With this application and a particular sensor some outstanding jobs can be performed in the future. For example with the help of this prototype, watering the saplings of an agricultural field, supplying oxygen to a patient in a house and even monitoring of bridge maintenance can be possible with this prototype. The young scientist from Barasat spoke to TNI about his invention.

He said “Today’s problems like message loss, end to end delay can be solved by this device. I have developed a prototype and algorithm can function simultaneously and can solve many problems of the modern apps. This is yet to be discovered by the outside world”. He also said to TNI that one of the key features of this application is the “sensor’. With the help of this sensor and its digital signality, a message can reach the spraying team to spray water to site of fire. This prototype is designed so that the sensory information can reach the right spot at the right time for avoiding any untoward incident. World’s famous research publishers like Elsevier has published the research papers of Deepsubhra Guha Roy. It can now be said that Deepsubhra has helped MAKAUT to gain another feather in its cap in the field of scientific research and development. Mr. Deepsubhra Guha Roy didn’t forget to mention that he been constantly motivated by his research supervisor Prof. Debashis De, the Honorable VC of MAKAUT Prof. Saikat Maitra and Information Scientist Dr. Md. Aftabuddin. Apart from this he was also helped by fellow junior researcher Smt. Bipasha Mahato and the director of Melborne University Prof. Rajkumar Buyya.


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