RJ Den, The Stephen Hawking from Kolkata

By Kaushik Chatterjee

R. J. Den is not an unknown person to the FM Radio Listeners. Especially if he/she stays in Kolkata and suburban places. RJ Den’s original name is Sayamdeb Mukherjee. He is also popularly called as the Stephen Hawking from Kolkata. He was a child when the symptoms of one of the rare genetic disease called Dopa Responsive Dystonia were diagnosed. From that time his companion was his wheelchair. However, there was another person beside the little RJ Den, his father Mr. Pabitradeb Mukherjee. Mr. Pabitradeb Mukherjee provided little RJ Den the mental support and enthusiasm that made RJ Den strong enough to fight his disease and proved the world that nothing is impossible once again. He is now associated with a famous FM Radio house as an RJ, from where he got his name RJ Den. RJ Den never made his life story bounded in his mind rather he jotted it down in his book called ‘Memoirs of Time’ that released in 2016 and now is being published in at least 150 countries. He has brought many specially-abled children into the mainstream by his counseling and enthusiasm. He also has made a group theater called ‘Katha Kolom’. Such is the story of a man of this generation when most of the elders call this generation as the ‘generation going nowhere’.

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