It’s great news for those who feel sick of handwriting. Even in this age when almost everything is going keyboard, the importance and elegance of a pure royal handwriting is highly preferred and a must for evaluation of performances especially in the school, college and university level. If handwriting is still a no no for you then AxiDraw might be perfect for you. The machine is a simple and modern pen plotter, capable of writing or drawing on almost any flat surface. It can write with fountain pens, permanent markers, and other writing implements to handle an endless variety of applications. Its unique design features a writing head that extends beyond the machine, making it possible to draw on objects bigger than the machine itself. It is an extremely versatile machine, designed to serve a wide variety of everyday and specialized drawing and writing needs. You can use it for almost any task that might normally be carried out with a handheld pen.

It allows you to use your computer to produce writing that appears to be handmade, complete with the unmistakable appearance of using a real pen (as opposed to an inkjet or laser printer) to address an envelope or sign one’s name. And it does so with precision approaching that of a skilled artist, and — just as importantly — using an arm that never gets tired. The pen holder fits a wide variety of pens, including Sharpie fine and ultra-fine point markers, most roller ball and fountain pens, small-bodied whiteboard markers, and so forth. It can even hold a fountain pen at a proper angle of 45° to the paper. You can also use implements that aren’t pens, such as pencils, chalk, charcoal, brushes, and many others. So now on if you have problems in writing think about Axidraw till it arrives in India. Till then practice with your hand. Happy Writing Opps!!! Its Hand Writing.

Source: AxiDraw

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