By R. Subrata (TNI) ~ Edited By D. Prasun (TNI Siliguri)

Webdesk, TNI New Jersey (USA), 11th October, 2015: Durga Puja of 2015 started officially in 2015 today, located far from Bengal, the hub of the festival i.e. at the United States. According to the standard ritual practice of celebrating Durga Puja in the United States is done on weekends especially in an around Mahalaya. The tithi (i.e. Lunar phase) based on four days i.e. Saptami, Ashtami, Navami and Dashami is difficult to follow based on getting leaves from the workplace or getting the community halls for celebration. It’s this compromised routine the Durga Puja here is called as weekend Durga Puja. A Bengali social club of Garden State, New Jersey, United States called Indian Community Centre of Garden State (ICCGS), have started the Durga Puja today at a community hall of ICC GS Parsippany High School. It is learned from Smt. Leena Ghosh, a member of the club that the elected puja committee members decided to celebrate the Durga Puja today. Smt. Ghosh basically comes from Siliguri and is now settled in the US. All the puja ritual was organized based on the standard ritual. The Bengali Band Chandrabindu performed here today enjoying the entire Bengali community here in New Jersey. Jokingly, one of the lead singers of the band said to the organizers that “It’s better to organize it from August so that all the artist from Kolkata can come and perform during the pujas … ha! ha! ha! ha!”. So far so good it’s the spirit that matters, the spirit of Durga puja had led the Bengali community of the outside world enjoys the flavors of their motherland.

Photo: Leena Ghosh (New Jersey)

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