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Webdesk, TNI Guwahati, 16th July, 2015: In a move to recognize the dire need of technical exposure and true inspiration for the present day school students, the student fraternity of IIT Guwahati is going to organize TECHNOTHLON, The International School Championship as a part of their Annual Techno-Management Festival TECHNICHE according to a press release by IIT Guwahati. The school event Prelims scheduled for 19th July 2015. Those who pass the prelims will go to the mains and will be invited to the IITG campus during Techniche from 3rd September to 6th September 2015, where the contest will have more challenging rounds for reaching the top. There are various prizes for the winning teams from each squad. It’s expected that various dignitaries like Nobel laureates, Top academicians etc will be present to witness the finals. Technothlon thus provides the students a taste of technology, igniting their minds, and making it an experience of a lifetime. The centre for Siliguri is DPS Siliguri at Dagapur. For registering and getting more information of the event a student can visit technothlon.techniche.org or www.techniche.org

With Inputs from: Rishav Agarwal

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