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Webdesk, TNI New Delhi, 10th June, 2015: Now IRCTC has started offering a service to the passengers for those, who fails to get a confirmed rail reservation ticket, which gets converted into a confirmed air ticket at a competitive fare for the same destination. In this connection IRCTC has tied up with the low cost airways i.e. GoAir. It already has sold 100 tickets in this scheme. According to the IRCTC spokesperson Mr. Sandip Dutta, many other airline companies are there in the pipleline like SpiceJet and others. However, the scheme applies to tickets booked at least three days prior to the date of the journey. The flight tickets would be made available only for the day of the train journey or a day after that. This facility is available for the passengers booking train tickets from the sleeper class to AC classes. IRCTC would be sending mails to waitlisted passengers who seek to avail the benefit under the scheme. Moreover, the airline ticket would be competitively priced and cheaper by as much as 30-40 per cent. The move is expected to be a boon for the domestic carrier, which is already showing de growth every year. With an average seat factor of about 70 to 75 per cent, most of the domestic airlines fly with about 20 per cent seats empty in their plane and IRCTC plans to make the best use of it.

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