Kolkata Port trust Chairman interacts with North Bengal Businessmen at Siliguri

By Hirak. D (TNI Siliguri) | TNI Editing Balurghat

Webdesk, TNI Siliguri, 13th March, 2019: “KoPT should have penetrated the enormous volume of business opportunities that are there in North Bengal,” said Mr Vinit Kumar, IRSEE, Chairman, Kolkata Port Trust (KoPT) while addressing at the Kolkata Port Trust Roadshow today. Mr Vinit Kumar, IRSEE, Chairman, Kolkata Port Trust (KoPT) interacted with the local trade business houses, tea exporters & importers & other business groups and tried to understand the difficulties they are facing while using KoPT as the facility for shipment of their cargos. He was visibly impressed with the cross section of the participants took part in the deliberations. Mr S Balaji Arun kumar, IRTS, Dy. Chairman (KDS) highlighted the business incentives they are going to offer to the trade people. He encouraged the industrialists of North Bengal to use Kolkata Port Trust (KoPT) as a gateway for import & export.

Mr Arun kumar also spoke about the technical nuances any importer or exporter has to go through while dealing with the CFS (Container Freight Station), doing the paper works through customs clearing agents and also with the custom officers. He mentioned that inspite of the infrastructural difficulties which are prevalent in KoPT; investors, exporters and importers and tradesmen can move their cargo seamlessly in a hassle-free environment and in a cost-effective manner. Mr Aviral Jain, CEO & Managing Director, Pristine Hindustan Infra Projects Pvt Ltd, mentioned that the ICD which is going to be a breakthrough project so for the NB Industries are concerned & will become operational within next two to three months. The delegation of KoPT officials met with the industrial representatives coming from all over 8 districts of North Bengal, Kolkata including delegations from neighbouring countries of Bhutan.

Photo: Hirak. D (TNI)

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