Lions Family and Lions Femina conduct the Biggest Health Drive at Closed Panighatta TE

By R. Subrata (TNI Siliguri) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Siliguri 30th September, 2018: One of the biggest problems of North Bengal’s economy is the closed tea gardens, which once were the haven of bustling business activities. One of these is the Panighatta Tea Estate under Mirik Block. This garden was closed from October 2015 almost 3 years have passed and there are no signs of any good days. Resulting in, hundreds of unemployed works lead a life of hell. Dozens of workers have died since then due to malnutrition and lack of proper treatment. Today Siliguri Greater Lion’s Family and Siliguri Greater Lions Femina came forward in support of those deprived families just before the festivities begin. Hundreds of families were provided with free medical check-up including eye, dental, diabetes and other health problems. They distributed free medicines, spectacles and also informed about arranging free operation for cataract patients. Not only free medical aid, but the members also distributed dry food packet including pulses, rice, vegetable oil and other necessary items weighing 40 kgs to 150 needy workers. Three thousand pieces of clothes were also distributed today for the infants to old age people were also distributed to 1050 people. The members also arranged lunch for nearly 3000 people. Mala Bansal, president of Siliguri Greater Lion’s Femina said, “We have heard about the pathetic condition of the workers here and before the festive season they should also be happy, so we thought of arranging medical camp and distribution of food and clothes to the needy ones.” Mahendra Bansal another senior active member said, “We have done nothing we are the medium of Lord to serve the needy people, whatever we have done is a little part, next time we will provide more food items of the workers here.” Fulmani Ekka, Jitman Tamang, Ganga Dutraj, and other local people help the members to arrange the camp successful. They said that till now this was the biggest camp in Panighatta where workers were given sufficient clothes, food items and other necessary items. Seventy five years old Samel Lakra who enjoyed the lunch with members said, “This is the happiest moment in my life after long time. I got clothes, ration and also got opportunity to have lunch with such great people who thought of poor like us. Manmaya Subba another old lady said, “We don’t have sufficient food, clothes and no work here. Our condition is in bad shape. We thank Lion’s club for arranging such noble task.” The members of both the clubs also took food along with the workers of the Tea Estate today.


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