Curtain Raiser on India Tea Forum Conducted at Siliguri by CII

By R. Subrata (TNI Siliguri) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Siliguri 31st August, 2018: More than 300 stakeholders – producers, manufacturers, wholesalers, packagers, distributors, suppliers, broker, small tea growers and also policymakers, coming from across the region, will take part in the 5th India Tea Forum, one of the flagship events organized by CII in association with the Tea Board India, here on 7-8 September 2018. “Over the two days, they will meet and interact to explore new business opportunities and the innovations needed to take the tea industry to the next level. The Forum will be marked by a Mini Expo a,” Mr. Kamal Kishore Tiwari, Chairman, CII North Bengal Zonal Council, told reporters at a Press Meet here today. “The NexGen Tea” is the central theme of this year’s Tea Forum which will focus on innovation, value addition, marketing and specialty tea tasting. The Forum also seeks to encourage local youths to become what we call Teapreneurs,” Mr. Tiwari said. “The CTC (crush, tear and curl) produce in the country is 1300 million kg out of which 220 million kg is exported. A greater stress on export of CTC will help us to add to the country’s foreign exchange reserves,” he said. “This year the focus is on Darjeeling, the Dooars and Terai , we have officials from Tea Board and has been organizing with Tea Board past 4 years, participation and delegates from all over the State like Mumbai, Bangalore, Gujarat, Assam, Delhi, Coimbatore, Bengal, Haryna, Punjab, Nepal, Bangladesh. Few companies participating are Chai Point , Bangalore, Tea Lounge, Wagh Bakri Tea, Goodricke Group, Tata Global Beverage, Society Tea, Mumbai, Mohani Tea Leaves Pvt. Ltd., Kanpur, Girnar Group, Rainforest Alliance ,Temi Tea Sikkim, J Thomas, Parcon, Paramount tea marketing, Udyan Tea Guwahati tea Auction Buyers Association, and all the Tea association of North Bengal including small tea growers and bought leaf factories ” Mr. Ravi Agarwal, Chair North Bengal Tea Panel said, adding that CII has been organizing the Tea Forum since 2010. “The Tea Forum will be a great platform for small tea growers, producers, manufacturers and buyers not only to interact on a one-on-one basis but also to forge a long-term synergy there will be tea tasting on specialty teas” explained Mr. Anand Agarwala, Vice Chair, CII North Bengal Zonal Council, explained. “CTC production is increasing by 5% per annum whereas consumption is increasing only at 2% every year. We need to increase internal consumption. This can be possible only through value addition, innovation and marketing. Per capita consumption in India is 700 grm where as in Pakistan 2 kg and Bangladesh is 1.5 kg. Value addition and innovation of teas will encourage people more cups of teas,” Mr. Anand Agarwala Vice Chairman, CII North Bengal Zonal Council, who delivered the vote of thanks, said that through the 5th India Tea Forum Today, CII and the Tea Board of India will heighten the campaign for tea, especially green tea, as a health drink.

Photo: CII, Siliguri

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