Man and Women Caught for Illicit Relationship at Changrabandha [VIDEO]

By Swapan Roy Bir (TNI Mekhliganj) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Changrabandha, 3rd September, 2017: Mahila Samity of Changrabandha came forward to stop an illicit relationship among a couple. A woman (requested anonymity) complained against her husband named Suman at the local panchayat and Changrabandha Mahila Samity about his extra marital relationship with a woman staying next door for a long time. She also complained of atrocities by her husband toward her for protesting his acts. The husband of the other women also beat up the victim lady. The panchayat member Smt. Ratna Majumdar went to the house of the accused lady but she didn’t come out. Immediately the situation got roughened up. Police came to the spot and rescued the accused lady and the accused man and taken them to the police station. Police told the Local Mahila samity to lodge a complaint to the police station if any. They also instructed both the families to come to the police station.

Photo & Video: Swapan Roy Bir (TNI)

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