Pond Contamination at Bonshihari of Dakkhin Dinajpur Creating Severe Diarrhoea Epidemic

By Dipankar Mitra (TNI Balurghat) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Buniadpur, 31st July, 2017: In a gross state of ignorance, a pond at Fultala area of Ganguria of Bonshihari Block under Dakkhin District got poisoned by fumigation meant for killing insects, worms and pests. The fumigation was done by the fish farmers. Incidentally, the pond was also used for household water by the villagers. From Thursday villagers were affected by diarrhea one by one. Initially, it was taken lightly, but when the situation went out of control after one villager died at Rashidpur Rural Hospital, then the administration took it seriously.  Health workers had spread lime and bleaching powder in the pond. Water is supplied to the villagers from external sources. The medical team has reached the village and is now keeping a strong vigil on the health of the people. The CMOH of Dakkin Dinajpur Dr. Sukumar Dey told TNI that the Health Department is keeping a watch on the situation.

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