Jewel Thief Caught in CCTV Footage While Stealing at Coochbehar [VIDEO]

By Manoj Hoque Sarkar (TNI Coochbehar) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Coochbehar 27th July 2017: A theft case has been recorded at Coochbehar’s No. 2 Block of Dodeyarhat area. The theft happened in broad day light when a thief entered at a Jewelry shop and stole jewelry worth Rs. 4-5 lakhs. The incident has made the businessmen of the area feel security less. It is learned that the concerned Jewelry Shop owner Mr. Ramen Chandra Roy kept a bag full of Silver and Gold Ornaments at his shop and went outside just opposite of the road to bring water.

In a fraction of the moment, the thief entered the shop and took away the bag hurriedly. Everything was recorded in the CCTV footage of the shop. Mr. Ramen Ch Roy has reported the matter to the Pundibari Police Station. Though the face of the thief is clearly seen in the CCTV footage, however, till now, the Police could not trace the accused. It is interesting to know that similar incident has occurred in the same locality a few days ago.

Photo & Video: Manoj Hoque Sarkar (Coochbehar)

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