Elephants Entered Banarhat Residential Areas Creating Tension

By Atish Sen (TNI Banarhat) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Banarhjat, 22nd July, 2017: The elephants of Dooars forests are now targeting semi urban areas for their search of food outside their forest locales. This has been happening for quite some time in Banarhat area. Yesterday a lone tusker entered Banarhat’s Adarshapally and Kshudirampally areas creating a furor among the residents. The incident happened around 1 am in the night. Initially, it roamed around in Banarhat colony area and ate many ripened jackfruits in the trees.

Later when the resident’s busted crackers, then the animal broke a wall went to Banarhat Tea garden and entered the forest. People now are not running their table or ceiling fans when they sleep at night because the sounds of the fans don’t let them hear the elephant sounds. The residents of Banarhat have asked for the help of the Forest Department in this regard.

Photos: Atish Sen (TNI)

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