Huge Casualty at Malbazar Due to Sudden Storm Yesterday

By Supriyo Basak (TNI Dhupguri) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Malbazar, 16th July, 2017: Yesterday in a major storm Islampur Subdivision was highly affected. The areas affected were Gajoldoba, Targhera, Oodlabari etc. The houses were smashed. The roofs were blown away in a distance. The culverts were swayed away by heavy currents in different jhoras. At least 1000 trees were either uprooted or broken down. The electricity was put off for long hours due to the storm.

The storm lasted 1.5 hours which started from 9 pm on Saturday. At Oodlabari a cable of 66000 Volt capacities tore-off from the tower and fell in the field. The Electricity department was told to put off the line. However, the Departmental personnel was nowhere to be seen after the incident. On the other hand, from the Sub Divisional Administration, the press was informed that they were doing everything to bring normalcy.

Photos: Supriyo Basak (TNI)

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