Malbazar Sub Division Comes Under Water due to Overnight Rains

By Supriyo Basak (TNI Dhupguri) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Malbazar 9th July, 2017: Overnight rains also affected Malbazar Subdivision. All the low lying areas went under water from midnight amidst heavy rains. The highly affected areas are Malbazar, Nagrakata, Chalsa, Oodlabari, Kranti, Bagrakote etc.

Water was seen flowing over the highway. Water entered into a Durga Temple at Oodlabari. Almost all the rivers passing through Malbazar subdivision is overflowing. 16 log gates of Gazoldoba Barrage were pulled off and 1949.41 cubic ft per sec of water was released for relieving the pressure in the barrage. Most of the weekly haats could not be conducted today. A yellow alert was issued by the irrigation department in the area because of the rise of Teesta River.

Photos: Supriyo Basak (TNI)

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