Gangarampur Bhawan for Gangarampurians Very Soon at Kolkata

By Dipankar Mitra (TNI Balurghat) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Gangarampur, 5th July, 2017: Gangarampur will soon be having its own Bhawan at Kolkata. The land search has started at Saltlake area by Gangarampur Municipality. When materialized the residents of Gangarampur will have an option to halt at the Gangarampur Bhawan for any sort of official and emergency works. Till now Balurghat Bhawan was used but due to high demand from Balurghat itself the rooms were not available most of the time. Now the problem is going to get solved very soon. In this regard, the Municipal Chairman Mr. Prasanta Mitra told TNI that due to the scarecity of Government lodges the people were forced to stay at private hotels paying high prices. The Gangarampur Bhawan will reduce those hardships for the residents of Gangarampur.

Graphics: TNI Creatives

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