Tapan Road in Shatters at Balurghat, Students and Patients Highly Affected

By Dipankar Mitra (Balurghat)  |  TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Balurghat, 29th June, 2017: The 12 kms road from Fulbari (Tapan Block) to Tapan is in a hazardous condition. In short light rain, the road dips into knee-deep waters. The local residents have asked for re-construction of the road immediately. There are many high and primary schools, primary health centers adjacent to this important road. Interestingly, the residence of the NBDD Minister of State also is adjacent to the road. The local people informed TNI that many times they have approached the Zilla Parishad, however, no positive steps were taken by them. Accidents are a regular feature of the road. School students, patients, and daily travelers are mainly affected because of the worse road condition. MIS NBDD Mr. Bachchu Hansda could not be contacted for the same. However, Zilla Parishad has assured to repair all the roads of the area soon in a phase wise manner.

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