Tension Mounted at Mainaguri in the Wake of Leopard Entering Villages

By Supriyo Basak (TNI)  |  TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Mainaguri, 27th June, 2017: The presence of leopard roaming at Mainaguri became a reality today when the farmers spotted one of them chasing cows in a crop field when they were working. The incident occurred at Madhya Khagrabari area near Mainaguri today.

They reported that the leopard was growling when they spotted it. The news spread like a wild fire and tension mounted among the villagers. Later the pug marks of the leopard were also spotted at the village. The forest officials reached the spot and confirmed the pug marks as that of a leopard. However, there is no sign of tension coming down in the minds of the villagers because the leopard was not trapped. They demanded to install cage trap to catch the big cat. However, the forest officials said that they are watching the situation.

Photos: Supriyo Basak (TNI)

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