Falakata Civic Police Becomes Digital with Mobile App

By Arunangshu Maitra (TNI Falakata)  |  TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Falakata, 8th March, 2017: In a step closer to become digital police, the Police administration has introduced Mobile App Service for the civic volunteers here in Falakata. This is for the second time in the state it’s happening. The mobile app is called TMS (Task Management System). With this app itself the attendance, duty allocation will be controlled. This mobile app is having 9 functions i.e. Profile, Task, Attendance, Prediction, Substitute, Issues, Information, Setting, and Inbox. With the help of these 9 functions the civic volunteers the attendance of the civic volunteers will be taken. Apart from this, the tracking of the position of the civic volunteers can also be done by this app. The civic volunteers can inform any suspected activities to the higher officials by the help of this app. The police officials feel that such an app will definitely increase the activities of the civic volunteers. Sources said that such service will be extended to the all of the police personnel of the state.

Graphics: TNI Creatives

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