By Atish Sen (TNI Banarhat)  |  Edited By D. Prasun (TNI Siliguri)

Webdesk, Banarhat 28th April 2016: On 9th May there will be a rare transit of Mercury when the smallest planet in our Solar System will pass directly between the Earth and the Sun. The last time this happened was in 2006, and the next two occasions will be in 2019 and 2032. During the transit, which takes place in the afternoon and early evening in the UK, Mercury will appear as a dark silhouetted disk against the bright surface of the Sun. According to Mr. Debasish Sarkar, secretary of Sky Watcher’s Association of North Bengal (SWAN), the phenomenon will be seen from various parts of North East India.

The sun will set immediately after the cosmic event. He also informed that if also the incident happens but there is very little chance to witness it directly because of the probability of clouds. However, in the western part of India the event can be witnessed. 8 members of SWAN will thus go to Gujarat’s Porbandar. The sun sets 2:30 mins later from the IST. The instruments which will be used are Hydrogen Alpha Telescope. SWAN also reported that the next repeat of the event will occur on 13th November 2032 from India.

Photos: Sky Watchers Association of North Bengal (SWAN)

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