By Nisha Chettri (TNI Kalimpong) ~ Edited By Pradiptamay Saha (TNI Siliguri)

Webdesk, TNI Kalimpong, 2nd September, 2015: Chris a ‘Falun Dafa’ practitioner, who is German by birth, reaches Kalimpong to introduce a Chinese spiritual practice that combines meditation and yoga with a moral philosophy. She was teaching the spiritual exercise in Saptashree Gyanpeeth (SGP) since Tuesday.  With a positive response from Tapan Pradhan-the director of the school, located in Taxari road, Chris got an opportunity to create awareness about the ‘wheel of dharma’ to the students of the said school. ‘Falun Dafa is a spiritual practice of slow exercises that has something to do with the ‘law wheel practice’ or the dharma law’ said Chris after the students left the school auditorium. She further explained that ‘Fa’ means universal law and ‘Lun’ means wheel which interestingly has more to do with the Dharma wheel practice. When asked about the motive of visiting Himalayan belts, Chris responded saying that her visit is not intended to promote ‘Falun Dafa’ as it is not a religion and the practice has no set of doctrines which makes it free to practice with a positive forbearance. It was known that this Chinese spiritual practice has been introduced in India since last 15 years and Chris, a ‘Falun Dafa’ practitioner has been in India since last 25 years and lives in U.P. She later said that she had been to Sikkim and Ladakh to introduce the spiritual practice. It is read that falun dafa has its own history in Northeast China which was slowly spread to the world for its accuracy in spirituality. Meanwhile, Chris will be in Kalimpong until 5th September and will catch a train to U.P after that, she has not thought about re-visiting this place; she also said that this visit was ‘unplanned.’ ‘I knew no one when I first stepped to Sikkim, I didn’t know where to stay, it’s the same with Kalimpong, I have no one here’ said Chris adding that the people is very welcoming here. However, Tapan Pradhan, the director of SGP who is a septuagenarian apparently dealing with back problems said that the exercises Chris taught is easy to practice, ‘It was nice to be introduced with Falun Dafa, exercises are slow and easy to practice’ said Pradhan.

Photo: Nisha Chettri (TNI)

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