By Arunangshu Maitra (TNI Falakata) ~ Edited By D. Prasun (TNI Siliguri)

Webdesk, TNI Falakata, 27th August, 2015: A portion of the Hospital premises of Falakata Rural Hospital is being occupied by illegal occupants. Residents of Falakata, Mathabhanga rural blocks and villages depend on this rural hospital. Since the hospital is located just next to NH-31, henceforth, its facing 24 hours of nonstop vehicle honking from the vehicles plying on the road. Apart from this there are illegal occupants like makeshift hotels, shops, pathological labs, garage etc creating an environmental nuisance for the hospital. The ‘Silent Zone’ and ‘No Parking Zone’ signboards are existing as an ornamental show off. Reports of patients dying in the hospital gate is often reported. When contacted with the Falakata Panchayat Samity the vice president Mr. Jatin Roy said “I personally have remove the illegal occupants with the help of police but they again and again are gathering here. The place like this lack the moral senses. Very soon the matter the administration is going to take some stern action”.

Photo: Aranangshu Maitra (TNI)

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