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Webdesk, TNI Balurghat, 19th July, 2015: Balurghat celebrated Rath Yatra with joyous excitement. Balurghat’s famous Rath from Rathtala has completed its glorious 126 years this time. Likewise every year this year too the main attraction of Balurghat commoners was the Rath of Rathtala. Yesterday around 11 AM the Rath started its holy journey from Rathtala. The journey ended at Chowrangipara.

In the year of 1890, a lawyer named Mr. Umesh Chandra started this Rath Yatra. From that only, the place got its name as Rathtala. Later in 1904, he made a bigger Rath. Two creative men from Nabadwip, named Krishnachandra Kha and Nalini Chandra Kha built the Rath on request of Mr. Umesh Chandra.

Like other places, in Balurghat also, people enjoyed a lot in the fair which is now a routine of each year Rath Yatra. The small initiative of 126 years back is today’s center of attraction for thousands of people.

Photos: Sauradeep Das (Balurghat)

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