TNI News Service (TNS)

Webdesk, TNI Balurghat, 3rd July, 2015: Stray animals (ধর্মের পশু) are creating panic and problems in Balurghat town for the last few days. These animals especially the oxen are loitering here and there in the entire town making it difficult for the residents to face problems because they often resort to sudden attack to the humans. It is said that two people were killed by the attack of these Stray animals. For the last one year at least 50 people are being attacked. However, despite repeatedly informing the administration, they seem to keep a deaf ear to those complaints. The local residents said that at least 15-20 oxen are regularly jeopardizing the normal life, especially in Balurghat Burrabazar area. The town municipality has kept mum in this regard so far. Customers, who come for shopping, are often being attacked by these animals. The older people are most affected.

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