D. Prasun (TNI Siliguri) ~ Edited By R. Subrata (TNI Siliguri)

Webdesk, TNI Siliguri, 24th June, 2015: In a few days Siliguri is going to be the second city in West Bengal to get free WiFi public zones.  Though the NBDD has already initiated the program few months back now the Siliguri Municipal Corporation is already few steps back implementing the plan in various areas coming under Siliguri Municipal area. Its in a very nascent phase where initially the Corporation authorities are planning to implement it in areas adjacent to the Corporation itself, Siliguri court and Surya Sen park. According to Kamal Agarwal, MIC, the programme is in a trial and error phase so the entire city cannot be covered right now. Earlier the MIC Mr. Gautam Deb, has planned to provide free Wi-Fi service to places under the Corporation i.e Hill Cart Road and Court More. The areas which will be brought under Wi-Fi coverage in the 1st phase include Siliguri Municipal Corporation office, Siliguri court area and Surja Sen Park. Mr. Kamal Agarwal said, “Wi-Fi cannot be provided there due to traffic jam in the area. We will be providing the service soon.”

Graphics: TNI Creatives

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