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Webdesk, TNI New Jalpaiguri, 11th June, 2015: The down 12042 Shatabdi Express from New Jalpaiguri to Howrah faced an AC problem, which led the passengers to break off the window of the coaches. The incident happened in C7 coach of the Shatabdi Express when it left Bolpur station towards Howrah. According to the train passengers just immediately after the AC system stopped they felt a suffocating condition in the coach. Since all the windows of the AC coaches stays in sealed condition, they did not have any option but to break the glass of the windows to allow air to come in. Railway authorities said that problem occurred due to rains. However, such reasons go little number of takers to digest. Since the same train is being used as 12041 up Shatabdi Express, the railway authorities changed the damaged coach and replaced it with another one. Off late the railway authorities is being facing with poor service quality starting from train late, bad food service, poor security on board and others. This incident has become another one in the list.

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