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By Pradip Kundu (TNI Alipurduar) ~ Edited By R. Subrata (TNI Siliguri)

Webdesk, TNI Alipurduar , 11th May, 2015: The aftereffects of the MIG – 27 crash is still visible at Changpara, Alipurduar. A big deep hole is existing in the spot. Still people are seen visiting the place. A day after the crash, the airport authorities were seen visiting the spot and were seen trying to recover the blackbox of the plane. Lots of people were seen surrounded the spot to get glimpse of the crash site.

One of the important developments is that the authorities have now clarified that there were no casualties. Only the pilot and the co-pilot is now admitted in the Air Force Hospital at Hashimara in Dooars. However, earlier just moments after the crash the Public Relations section of Hashimara Airbase declared that there were 2 casulties. On the other hand 2 women were found to have lost their hearing power, which is believed to be due to the sudden shock and roar of the crash.

Videos and Photos: Pradip Kundu (TNI)

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